deYoung Sculpture - Press

Press On!

Went with the family to the de Young museum in San Francisco the other day. I’ve been there before, but I never saw the sculpture that is in this photo. It got me thinking about how wine was made before modern tech. There has always been a desire to make wine with whatever means you had. Like everything else, we humans can’t stop trying to improve our process by inventing new ways of getting things done. As a result, our technology today is well beyond where things were when a press like this was the “high tech”.

Sure you can make wine today like it was done thousands of years ago. However, you may end up with wine that isn’t consistently good and it may take too long to get the job done. If you’re spending a lot of time and the product may or may not be taste great, then it is hard to justify not embracing the technology that is available to you today.

As the modern press helps today with getting presses done more efficiently, vinoEZ helps you make consistent wine easier (pun!).

We know that to make any sort of volume with wine, you need a team of people. Anytime you have a group of people working on a common goal, collaboration and transparency of work is critical. Moreover, getting a plan in front of everyone improves your chances of executing all the tasks in an efficient way (cost savings…woo hoo!). This is where vinoEZ comes in. vinoEZ provides one source of truth that everyone can rely on. Whether it is having one harvest schedule or one plan for all the cellar work, everyone knows and trusts the plan. This is huge and often overlooked as one of the key benefits of our software.

The man and boy in the sculpture are working hard on the press, they have a passion for making good wine. It is this passion that drives them no matter how modern their tools are. We at ZAM Apps also have a passion. A passion to craft great software that provides our clients the ability to make their wine as a team in the most cost efficient way. It is this passion that moves us to press on!

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