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How are you scheduling harvest?

I’ve always said that the “secret sauce” to vinoEZ is the ability to collaborate and communicate in a reliable way with your coworkers. Sure, there are advanced planning algorithms in vinoEZ that handle planning blends and bulk wine distribution. But the feature that wins, hands down, is the ability to plan and schedule together.

During harvest this feature is more than just a nice to have…it is essential. So many things are happening so fast and all at the same time. In talking to winemakers, growers and viticulturists, the tension of picking at the ideal time for the given grapes and having the ferments start at the right time in the right vessel is so important. You only have one shot to get the best out of the grapes to make great wines. Making sure everyone is on the same page is critical.

In vinoEZ we drive to reduce as much friction from this annual event as possible. We are in the middle of our fourth harvest with our Harvest Scheduler module and there have been thousands of picks scheduled in vinoEZ either via our web app or mobile app so far. This schedule is instantly shared across our client’s organizations. Everyone knows the date, the number of loads, time of arrival, bin types and much more. Gone are the spreadsheets that are out of date the minute you click save.

A funny thing about harvest: No one really wants to talk about it before or after. I call this “harvest amnesia”. It is only in the middle of harvest that you realize things can be done easier or there are ideas on improvements, but it is too late to introduce new software.

What to do? Just click here to schedule a demo just after harvest. You’ll have more time and harvest will still be fresh in your mind.

We’d love to help make wine easier and I think with vinoEZ, we can.

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