Introducing the Harvest Scheduler version 2!

New Features

  • Drag and drop your picks to change the dates
  • Red and White Subtotals
  • Infinite Scrolling
  • Ability to see more rows of the schedule in one page
  • Improved experienced with customizing your view
  • Updated approach to change how you assign a pick to a new allocation.
  • New legend to help explain the various colors
  • Countless little performance improvements

Version 1.0 of our main Harvest Scheduler page has been with us for four harvests now. It has served us well. We have learned a lot over the last four years and we’ve taken a lot of feedback from our clients to improve on this critical tool during harvest.

We chose to completely rebuild this page. This has allowed us to add some of the key features that we are rolling out today. Moreover, this rebuild sets us up nicely for additional improvements down the road.

Before I get into any of the details, I need to give a big shout out to Mario Alvarez Garcia. Mario has been working his tail off over the last few months to give us this new version. Not only did he give birth to this new version of Harvest Scheduler, but his wife delivered their first child in the span of this develop. Big congrats to Mario and his family!


Drag and Drop Picks

Is there a weather event coming up? Need to move some picks around in an easier way? Well we got you covered. All you need to do is click on the Shift key on your keyboard and use your mouse to drag the pick to a different day. Pretty sweet! Note: if there is a pick that has one or more loads in a Loaded or Booked status, you can’t drag the pick.


Red and White Subtotals

This has been a request for awhile now. We now have it!


“Infinite Scrolling” & More rows!

“Oh that’s cool!” That is what one of our clients said when they first saw the preview of this feature. You no longer need to click on a “next page” button to go to the next group of schedule rows. This is one of those enhancements that makes me happy. We have made things just a little easier and less time consuming when it comes to scheduling harvest.

Moreover, we have made it so you can have more rows visible on your screen at once. You can hide the criteria to get that out of your way and you can see even more rows. Very helpful for our clients that schedule a lot of fruit.


Improved how you can customize your view

You can still show and hide columns and rearrange them to your liking. We just implemented that a bit better with this version.


Added a new legend

We have a lot of different colors and styles on the picks. They all represent something. We have added this little piece of functionality to let you know what it all means.


I hope you enjoy this new version. If you have any ideas on other enhancements to this page, let us know at

Cheers! 🍷🍷

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