Does vinoEZ Reduce Bulk Wine Costs?

I was asked the other day how vinoEZ can help reduce costs associated with bulk wine inventory. I had to think about this for a bit as my brain is so tied into creating a good plan and not necessarily cost savings; it was not simple for me to quickly respond with a good answer. That said, giving it some thought, the answer is: yes! vinoEZ can definitely help reduce bulk wine inventory costs.

But how?

When I think of cost impacts related to bulk wine inventory, I’m thinking about the costs associated with having too much as well as not having enough. When you have too much, you are either writing off the bulk wine or you’re selling at a price that doesn’t always recoup the incurred costs. Additionally, it doesn’t give you the margins you had planned for that wine.

When you don’t have enough, you are stocking out or you’re buying bulk wine off the spot market at a higher cost. This is eroding your margin targets and/or just outright missing revenue goals.

You don’t want to be on either side of that. The reality is you’ll never get away from it, but you can minimize these impacts. The only way to do that is planning. Using an app like vinoEZ provides a way to do this planning across the winery operations; not just someone sitting in their home office plugging away at a Google Sheet or Excel file.

vinoEZ provides the tools to do the “heavy lifting” of planning while providing a collaborative platform to build plans and communicate them in a way that they can then be executed against; helping to insure you’re getting done what you set out to.

The two modules we have in vinoEZ that most directly impact bulk wine inventory costs are Blend Planning and Strategic Supply Planning. With both of these modules, you can see when a vintage will run out and/or if you have too much.

The Blend Planning module helps with the current year and into the next year in weekly buckets. It helps you see how you’re putting your blends together to match up with your bottling schedule and stay on top of the overage or shortage.


Strategic Supply Planning provide a perspective where you can look at years in advance and see if you’ll have a surplus or a deficit. This is extremely helpful when your trying to lock in your supply over the next few of years. It really eliminates the guess work if you want to sign up for that next supply contract.


The core of vinoEZ is all about planning and bringing others along. A side effect is cost savings as well as a better quality product that aligns to your company’s goals.

If you have any other specific questions on how vinoEZ can help with your costs and your quality, give me a shout: or book a demo by clicking here.



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