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Never Miss A Beat in Blending Your Wine with This Super-Efficient Blend Planning Tool!

Crafting the best tasting wine involves mastery of your wine blending skills.

While this may take time, investing in powerful planning tools to elevate

your winemaking technique is something you can do today!

Introducing vinoEZ's Blend Planning Module.

We oftentimes view wine blending as an “artistic” technique in making wines to achieve the desired taste or a flavorful outcome for our wines.


While mixing the right flavors is important in wine production, there are other practical and commercial reasons why wineries blend wine!


These are a few:

  • Make your house style brand
  • Maintain or improve vintage consistency
  • Add complexity and balance to your wines
  • Manage wine inventory
  • Get rid of or minimize undesirable components

We blend to improve our wines.


The task itself of blending wines may seem simple,


However there is more to it than picking and stirring wines that best complement each other!


As you know, there are important factors to consider when blending wine:

  • Blending may create spoilage as it can affect the stability of your wine

  • Blending can be done for different vineyards, different barrels, different labels, different vintage or for wines with varying treatments

  • Blending can be made after fermentation, before bottling, at the end of ageing or a few months after harvest

  • Blending is calculated using calculators (for simple blends) or a spreadsheet (for complex blends) to get the estimate composition of the wine’s final blend

This means, there are a lot of considerations to think about and there are processes we need to follow so we can prevent wastage and be efficient. 


Regardless of the reasons why you blend wines, it is important to have an efficient process that gives your customers the most extraordinary wine-drinking experience.


Even if you’ve perfected what wines to blend, if it’s not communicated properly with your team or you miss a step, you’ll luck out on making your best wine. 


The blending process itself is already overwhelming, so a practical & collaborative tool will keep you on top of the entire blending process.

Introducing vinoEZ’s Blend Planning Module

The Blend Planning Module helps simplify your wine blending work by having large amounts of intuitive data in one location, where your entire team can see & manage it directly. 


Driven from scheduling bottling and available bulk wine inventory, the Blend Planning module generates planned blending activities across the network. 


It is an efficient collaboration platform for everyone involved with getting blends ready to bottle.


Here are some features:


  1. Allows you to manage Blend planning by brand
  2. Shows the amount of inventory available for blending or for bottling
  3. Recalls the Total Demand at any particular time
  4. Recommends the ideal quantity (in gallons) that you should be blending and at what particular time
  5. Allows you to input the target amount you want to blend at any particular time 
  6. Allows you to plot and monitor all the steps to make a blend 

This means your winery teams can easily reschedule any of the blend planning works (trial blending, shipping/receiving, blending and stabilizing, sampling, fining, centrifuge, crossflow filtering, etc) which will auto-update any of the sequential essential steps. 

Who are we?

vinoEZ has been helping wine businesses streamline their operations with planning and scheduling tools since 2016. 

Some of the globally known brands using the vinoEZ tools as their secret weapon to efficient winery operations are: Penfolds, Beringer, Mark West, Etude, Woodbridge, 19 Crimes, Stags’ Leap Winery, Banshee, Sebastiani, Meiomi and growing!


We provide strategic planning tools to help a wine company balance its supply & demand while properly utilizing resources over the next 5+ years. From blending to scheduling harvest, vinoEZ provides a central location for winemakers, the cellar team & viticulturists to plan and execute work.


We at vinoEZ have a passion to craft software for our clients to make wine as a team in the most efficient & cost-effective way. 

It’s this passion that moves us to press on!

How does the Barrel Planning Module work?

Our Blend Planning module has helped our clients’ winery teams to stay on top of the reoccurring work related to the blending of wines.


It helps wineries track the progress of their blending activity.


The tool prompts you if there are some activities past due and informs you of what activities should have been done at any particular time.


Simply put, it’s the perfect collaboration tool for your winery teams as it keeps everyone on track with the steps it takes to make the blend happen, and when each step should be complete.


It’s your secret sauce in eliminating the use of antiquated spreadsheets or databases, which will save you more money and time in the long run!


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Look at what our current customers are saying:

"vinoEZ has helped us use a common language and is customized to our needs. Our planning is more proactive and less cumbersome, helping us gain in overall efficiency. I recommend vinoEZ to anyone looking to take their operations planning to the next level"
"Shawn Zizzo & the vinoEZ team were very collaborative and turned around our requests in a timely manner"
Cristophe Paulbert
Stags' Leap Winemaker

How much does it cost?

The Barrel Work Planning software can be acquired through one of the following options: 

  • A monthly subscription with monthly payments 
  • A 1-year subscription with annual payment (Discount Applied)
  • A 2-year subscription with annual payment (Biggest Discount Applied)
  • With a monthly subscription, you can stop at any time.
  • Inquire about pricing for your business.
  • Make 2019 your last year of using an outdated system that is limiting your chance at making your best wine.
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Miscommunication amongst your winery teams can sometimes be inevitable. 


If you notice it regularly because you’re trapped using outdated systems that are compromising on your wine quality & costing you money, then it’s time to innovate. 


Leave the least up to chance by using vinoEZ. 


Dominate in the wine industry and put your 100% into making excellent wine starting 2020


For streamlined operations, improved wine quality, and reduced winery costs, then schedule a full demo now. 


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