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Manage Your Harvest Scheduling in One Central Location With This Powerful Tool!

Let 2019 be your LAST year of using spreadsheets.

2020 is the start of modernizing your winery operations by investing in cutting-edge planning tools!

The harvesting of grapes is considered one of the most critical steps in wine production – It’s also the busiest time of the year at any winery.


As you know, factors such as grape variety, weather & fruit ripening determine the timing of harvest.


These are crucial factors winemakers should manage appropriately because of the direct correlation it has with your wine quality. 


You’ve likely heard the phrase “wine begins in the vineyard” – well, certain wine errors also start in the vineyard, 


Harvest can be the make or break moment for many wineries and vineyard owners.


Your winery teams can manage the delicate process of harvest with a collaboration tool that ensures all critical steps are covered. 


Imagine a harvest where your winemakers, viticulturists & winery teams are working with clarity in ONE centralized harvest schedule.


Say goodbye to unintuitive spreadsheets, useless in a vineyard that lacks cell reception.  


No more miscommunications, resulting in freshly picked fruit left out in the sun as you struggle to find the right tanks.

Introducing vinoEZ’s Harvest Scheduler Module.

The tool was built with Treasury Wine Estates for their 2016 harvest, so their eight California-based wineries were able to manage their schedules in one central location in a standardized way.


Instead of using antiquated spreadsheets to schedule harvest operations – which lacks the universal language that makes planning less cumbersome – the winery needed a tool that would help organize many teams and help communicate dynamic harvest plans.


A tool that was mobile friendly and worked offline in isolated vineyards.


The Harvest Scheduler module developed to get out of the user’s way and support the unique nuances of big and small wineries – a solution to take their operation planning to the next level!


Who are we?

vinoEZ has been helping wine businesses streamline their operations with planning and scheduling tools since 2016. 

Some of the globally known brands using the vinoEZ tools as their secret weapon to efficient winery operations are: Penfolds, Beringer, Mark West, Etude, Woodbridge, 19 Crimes, Stags’ Leap Winery, Banshee, Sebastiani, Meiomi and growing!


We provide strategic planning tools to help a wine company balance its supply & demand while properly utilizing resources over the next 5+ years. From blending to scheduling harvest, vinoEZ provides a central location for winemakers, the cellar team & viticulturists to plan and execute work.


We at vinoEZ have a passion to craft software for our clients to make wine as a team in the most efficient & cost-effective way. 

It’s this passion that moves us to press on!

How does the Harvest Scheduler module work?

Our Harvest Scheduler module has helped our clients’ winery teams to stay on top of the harvesting schedule while ensuring wine quality is not compromised.


This powerful collaboration tool helps simplify your harvest schedule by having large amounts of intuitive data in one central location, where your entire team can see it & manage plans directly. 


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Look at what our current customers are saying:

“Prior to using vinoEZ our team operated using antiquated spreadsheets. As our winery became more complex, we needed a different tool to help manage and communicate plans.”
“The cross-site, easy to use harvest scheduling tool evolved quickly as we went through harvest.”
Cristophe Paulbert
Stags' Leap Winemaker
“I’m loving the Scheduler module, it is certainly making our lives easier.”

How much does it cost?

The Barrel Work Planning software can be acquired through one of the following options: 

  • A monthly subscription with monthly payments 
  • A 1-year subscription with annual payment (Discount Applied)
  • A 2-year subscription with annual payment (Biggest Discount Applied)
  • With a monthly subscription, you can stop at any time.
  • Inquire about pricing for your business.
  • Make 2019 your last year of using an outdated system that is limiting your chance at making your best wine.
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Miscommunication amongst your winery teams can sometimes be inevitable. 
If you notice it regularly because you’re trapped using outdated systems that are compromising on your wine quality & costing you money, then it’s time to innovate. 
Leave the least up to chance by using vinoEZ. 
Dominate in the wine industry and put your 100% into making excellent wine starting 2020
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