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Effectively Track Fermentation
with this Powerful Tool.

Tap into this secret weapon and make it easier for your winemaking team to achieve excellent wines!

As you go through fermentation – you are entering one of the most delicate stages in winemaking. 


It’s this crucial time where your wine can be spoiled by bacteria, oxidation or other naturally occurring defects.


To produce high-quality wines, the process needs tremendous control.


Some critical factors to consider during this stage are:

  • Temperature control
  • Speed of fermentation
  • Oxygen levels present in the must at the beginning of the fermentation
  • Preventing the growth of undesirable microorganisms
  • Ensuring the presence of a sufficient number of desirable yeasts
  • Prohibiting oxidation

Without proper tracking, communication and planning of these processes, you could risk serious wine spoilage or wastage. 


If your processes are not properly measured and monitored, you could produce low-quality wines resulting in dissatisfied customers. 


So, how can you stay on top of tasks while going through fermentation?


Your winery teams can manage this delicate process in winemaking with a collaboration tool that ensures the fermentation process is being efficiently tracked.


Imagine a winemaking process where your winemakers and cellar teams are working closely together with clarity with one centralized tool.


Prevent winemaking mistakes that result from miscommunication and a lack of planning!


Introducing vinoEZ's Tasting Notes Module.

blend planning

The Tasting Notes module from vinoEZ can help your winemaking team run through fermentation, make comments and create actions for your cellar team.


It provides a useful, consistent approach to tracking fermentations, by reviewing lab results and quickly generating work orders for the cellar team (e.g. cap management, additions, etc.).


Instead of using antiquated spreadsheets to track your progress – (which lack the universal language that makes planning less cumbersome) – this is a tool that helps your winemaking team organize your data during the fermentation stage and help communicate clearly with the cellar team. 


This tool can work offline in reception-less underground cellars and supports the unique nuances of big and small wineries – a solution to take your winemaking to the next level!


Who are we?

vinoEZ has been helping wine businesses streamline their operations with planning and scheduling tools since 2013.


Some of the globally known brands using the vinoEZ tools as their secret weapon to efficient winery operations are: Penfolds, Beringer, Mark West, Etude, Woodbridge, 19 Crimes, Stags’ Leap Winery, Banshee, Sebastiani, Meiomi, Hahn Estate, Foley Food & Wine Society and growing!


We provide strategic planning tools to help a wine company balance its supply & demand while properly utilizing resources over the next 5+ years. From blending to scheduling harvest, vinoEZ provides a central location for winemakers, the cellar team & viticulturists to plan and execute work.


We at vinoEZ have a passion to craft software for our clients to make wine as a team in the most efficient & cost-effective way. 


It’s this passion that moves us to press on!

What’s inside the Tasting Notes Module?

  1. Tasting Notes (the main collection of the tasting notes themselves)
  2. Tasting Actions
  3. Press Schedule
  4. Tasting Notes Calculations
  5. Malolactic Fermentation Tracking
  6. Load Tasting Sheet and Extended Analysis
  7. Load Vessel Lots Data
  8. Load Lab Data

Our Tasting Notes module has helped our clients’ winery teams to stay on top of the fermentation process to ensure wine quality is not compromised.


This powerful collaboration tool helps simplify your winemaking by having large amounts of intuitive data in one central location, where your entire team can see it & manage plans directly.

Look at what our current customers are saying:

"vinoEZ has helped us use a common language and is customized to our needs. Our planning is more proactive and less cumbersome, helping us gain in overall efficiency. I recommend vinoEZ to anyone looking to take their operations planning to the next level"
"Shawn Zizzo & the vinoEZ team were very collaborative and turned around our requests in a timely manner"
Cristophe Paulbert
Stags' Leap Winemaker

How does it work?

Special Feature: Tasting Notes on IOS

What can you do with this app? 


  • Review notes by site and vintage
  • Supported offline (e.g. bad network connection)
  • Add/edit comments per note
  • Edit Tasting Note header data (e.g. harvest date, etc.)
  • Add Cap Management action
  • View brix/temp chart

Leverage cutting-edge tools or be trapped using outdated systems that are compromising your time & wine quality.


Leave the least up to chance by using vinoEZ. 


Dominate in the wine industry by putting your 100% into making excellent wine starting 2020.


For streamlined operations, improved wine quality, and reduced winery costs, schedule a full demo now.