Plan Your Winery Operations.

From planning out the various steps in blending to scheduling harvest, vinoEZ provides a central location for winemakers, the cellar team, viticulturists and management to track and facilitate work.

Operational Planning and Scheduling

Plan your wine company’s next 18 months.

Harvest Scheduler

Centralized schedule for all fruit coming into all wineries. Winemakers, viticulturist and wineries are all on the same page with one version of the schedule. The schedule is accessed and updated either via the web interface or the iPhone/iPad companion application.

Blend Planning

Driven from scheduling bottling and available bulk wine inventory, the Blend Planning module generates planned blending activities across the network. It is a collaboration platform for everyone involved with getting blends ready to bottle.

Tasting Notes

A useful, consistent approach to track fermentations by reviewing lab results with the ability to quickly generate work orders for the cellar team (e.g. adds, cap management, etc.).

Barrel Work Planning

Level-load barrel work and provide a quick way to generate barrel activity work orders for the cellar.

Bulk Wine Distribution

Long-term planning of bulk wine moves as well as long-term projections of bulk wine inventory. Facilitate winemaker shipment requests to the transportation team. The ability to schedule loads with your carriers.

Cellar Planning & Scheduling

Organize all planned and scheduled activities for the cellar team in one location. Helps to make sure all that is being planned and scheduled is getting done in the cellar.

Strategic Supply Planning

Plan your wine company’s next 5+ years

Long-term Strategic Supply Planning

Long-term Strategic Supply Planning Making sure that the long-term (~5 years) demand needs are going to be met with current supply and projected supply.

Short-term Strategic Supply Planning

Helping to answer if the next couple of harvests, at the block level, are allocated properly to the right program.

Ready to take control of your winery operations?

Request a demo and we’ll take you through how vinoEZ can help you plan your operations.

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